This Round Of Topeka Restaurants Features An Indian Buffet & An American Grill

Which of these next two restaurants will you want to eat at first? There is going to be a top rated restaurant that serves up Indian cuisine and an American grill that is well liked in the city.

The Indian restaurant is ranked #34 out of 287 restaurants in Topeka, and the American Grill is ranked #37 out of 287 restaurants. They are in close competition, and they are known for delicious food.

The Globe Indian Cuisine Restaurant And Bar is the first featured establishment, and it is located on SE 10th Avenue in Quincy Plaza. The restaurant features a lunch buffet, and so you get all of your favorites. With the best Indian food and mango ice cream, you can imagine the lunch buffet draws a crowd. The restaurant features hours of operation that might throw you off, but according to one reviewer, that is what traditional Indian restaurants do.

Next up is the American Grill, and the restaurant name is Cook’s American Grill. It is located on SW Gage Boulevard, and this place is supposed to be a delicious spot for breakfast. According to one reviewer, the exterior of the restaurant doesn’t look that great; however, that sounds great to me, a simple place with good food. Take a look at the places nearby so that you know what you’re up to after you and the family finish eating breakfast.

It is time to move on to two more restaurants in the next piece, but I hope you liked these. Topeka, Kansas has no shortage of great restaurants, so knowing the best is going to find you and your family having a great time. Eat up some great breakfast at Cook’s American Grill and see if Globe Indian Cuisine Restaurant And Bar has the best buffet you’ve ever laid eyes on.